Welcome to the Love Temple!         ... A Center for Transformation

Love Temple is a home for all seekers, yogis, meditators and all friends & lovers who want to grow and transform. There is a great balance of spirituality and celebration at the Love Temple. Freedom is in the very air. You can dance, meditate, party and make friends with people from over 100 countries. Just being at the Love Temple  makes you feel so relaxed, comfortable and blissful that it gives you a feeling of being enlightened.

       Love Temple is situated at the Arambol beach and it is very close to the drum circle. Love Temple Auditorium has a huge space for 200 people to dance, practice yoga, meditate and celebrate . The campus includes a multi-cuisine restaurant, 5 yoga halls, 25 Cottages, a performance stage, dance space, and a therapy centre. Our beachfront restaurant and kitchen serve pure vegetarian and hygienic food. Just imagine having your favourite meal sitting in this love- paradise, enjoying fresh and free breezes, looking at the sunset.. it is just a feeling of pure heaven.


Drum Circle

Just in-front of the Love Temple the only place in Goa where every evening at sunset a group of more than 20 musician and drummers play and create a space to celebrate. A celebration of life, love, freedom, nature and ocean.

A crowd of nearly 5000 people from 100 countries get together to dance, walk at beach and make friends every evening.



Yoga Classes 

There are dozens of Yoga centers in Arambol that offer daily yoga practices. Also you will find Yogis doing all kinds of spiritual practices all over the beach. Love Temple has its own yoga halls that schedule everyday classes including Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Iyenger, Acro Yoga and Vinyasa yoga.

A 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is offered every month at the Love Temple. Please check the workshop calendar for more information. 


Workshops and Trainings 

Goa can be a place to party, get drunk, and be unconscious, or it could be also a place to grow, to relax and practice spirituality. A great transformation takes place if you participate in the daily classes & workshops along with your parties. Love Temple offers a variety of courses on Tantra, meditation, zen, sufi, tai chi, yoga, painting, dance and western therapy groups for personal growth.


                                              Contact Dance

Contact improvisation is a dance technique in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration through movement improvisation. It is a partner dance form based on the physical principles of touch, momentum, shared weight, and most essentially - following a shared point of contact.

Love temple organizes classes three times a week in the evening and one big festivals in the month of Jan.



One World One Dance 

Love Temple dance Party is an occasion where all nationalities become one humanity. Where all are brothers, sisters and lovers. It is an amazing experience of pure ecstasy and joy not be missed!

Dancing happens almost every night at the Love Temple but the big dance celebration once a week. Please see the events- page for details.


Relaxing at the beach

Love Temple has choices either to participate in the activities or do nothing and relax by the beach. Just lying at the beach, watching the waves, enjoying the winds is so refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating experience. It could be a space where you feel your inner peace and connect to yourself.


                                                 Night Concerts 

Every night people rush towards Love Temple to participate, dance and enjoy in the live performances, singing, instrumental music and talent shows.

Nights become very lively with the lightings and live music. A multi-cuisine buffet is served at the night concerts.